Holy Sh*t! Snoop Dogg Won A Whole Lot Of Weed On The Mayweather-Alvarez Fight

09.18.13 4 years ago 23 Comments

Hey everybody! Stop what you’re doing and look at Snoop wearing a child’s shirt and holding a pound of weed.

After finding someone who was clearly higher than he was – though I’m not sure how that’s possible – to bet against Floyd Mayweather in last weekend’s big fight versus Canelo Alvarez, the Long Beach Lion took to his Instagram to flaunt the spoils of victory. The prize? A bag of weed the size of the off-brand Cocoa Puffs your mom tried to buy from the bottom shelf of the cereal aisle.

Speaking of cereal, given the near constant case of the munchies from which Snoop must suffer, how is it that he is still 6’4” and 130 pounds?

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