Space Battleship Yamato Trailer Has A Giant Gun & Steven Tyler

09.21.10 7 years ago

Despite that headline, you don’t have to worry about Steven Tyler’s old-granny face popping up in the live-action adaptation of the classic Japanese Anime Space Battleship Yamato. But, after reading the script, Tyler has agreed to do a tender love ballad, “Love Lives,” for the film – you can hear it in the trailer.

Incredibly, this is Tyler’s first solo single. So, if you ever asked yourself, “What would it take to get Steven Tyler to do a solo project?” the answer is “a live-action remake of a 36-year-old cartoon about a flying battleship.”

Also, you get to see the Yamato’s powerful wave motion gun in action. Video after the jump!

[Twitch & Anime News Network]

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