Steelers-Broncos Live Blog – First Half

09.09.12 5 years ago 812 Comments

I guess that there are enough precedents now that we should just assume that anytime an iconic quarterback leaves his original team, a band of his supplicating followers will go along with him. There were the Favretards, who switched allegiances to a DIVISION RIVAL because Brett Favre went to play for them. My father was a Montanatard (Montard), a lifetime 49ers fan who became a Chiefs fan for two years when Montana played there, then never again. I had to write a book just so I could throw it at his face. Anyway, it was inevitable there would be Fetustards, as Countdown profiled Colts fans who are now backing the Broncos and have even indoctrinated their kids into a life of Battleship worship, even though these tykes might just watch their favorite player’s neck snap on any given snap.

You may very well hate the Steelers. You more than likely do. I got no quarrel with that. But I submit to you that the trolling potential for Yinzburgh losing to Tebow in the playoffs then turning out and beating Pey-Pey in his first game with the team is off the charts. Anyway, James Harrison isn’t going to play, so Peyton Manning stands a decent chance of surviving today.

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