The Audio History Of The Game Vs. Jay-Z

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One of the most beautiful innovations about the new age of music and the internet is the ability to flashback at the mere click of a button. With the situation between The Game and Jay-Z seemingly growing more and more intense by the day (at least on Game’s part), it is sometimes easy to forget the two have been been in each other’s rhymes for nearly a half a decade. After the jump, a crash course of subliminal and obvious disses are dissected in one of Hip-Hop’s most known-unknown “beefs”.

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The Game -“200 Bars N’ Runnin'” (Joe Budden & Memphis Bleek Diss)

Quotables: “Like AZ from Harlem, Dre gon’ pay me regardless cause he know Jay-Z departed…” “…It was all a dream like I seen Memph Bleek in Marcy/ I ain’t say you won’t see Bleek in Marcy/ I said my man told me he don’t see Bleek in Marcy…”

Notes: Nine minutes of Jayceon waxing poetics over the “Deep Cover” instrumental with clear cut shots at Joe Budden (that beef has been well documented). However, similar to the beef with Nas, The Game’s initial problems were with Memphis Bleek.


The Game – “Westside Story” (off the debut album The Documentary)

Quotables: “Payback, homie I’m bringin’ CA back/ And I don’t do button up shirts or drive Maybachs..”

Notes: Before Rick Ross made the Maybach his personal staple, it was no secret who made the vehicle a known commodity in the realm of Hip-Hop. And the world knows who started the button-up craze.

The Game – “The Documentary” (off The Documentary)

Quotables: “If I die my n*ggas, f*ck it, I did a song with Mary Blige my n*ggas/ Got a hook from Faith, no verse from Jay/ I guess on ‘Westside Story’ he thought I spit in his face/ Told Ed Lover and Monie Luv I was talkin’ to Ja with that Maybach line/ It was payback time…”

Notes: As big of a fan as I am of Game, I’m still confused at how that bar was meant for Jeffery and not Shawn.

Jay-Z – “Hot 97 Freestyle” (Game & Cassidy Diss)

Quotables: “You plan to bang, I plan to bang too/ You playin’ the games, I’m seeing the thing through/ You sayin’ my name to entertain ya’ crew/ I ain’t playin’ no games, the shots exchange are through/ Fresh off probabtion, I got a charge to throw away/ My lawyer say for 80 large it’ll go away/ And that ain’t no money to Jay/ So you can get broad day on Broadway while TRL tape…”

Notes: While it was never confirmed the lines above were about The Game, looking at Jay’s history (of subliminals) would tell you he was.

The Game – “300 Bars N’ Runnin'” (G-Unit, Memphis Bleek & Young Gunz Diss)

Quotables: “That boy colder than Hova unless he sober/ Like I’m the President but this ain’t the Takeover/ Now, there’s the speaker, bring your ears a lil’ closer/ Before you call this a diss and you make Hova pissed/ Why would I wanna do that? When I’m just a new cat/ That was taught if a n*gga take shots then shoot back/ Defendin’ his yard, yeah standin’ his ground/ I’m sayin’ if you gon’ retire then hand me the crown/ Nahh let Bleek do it then throw him a concert in Madison Square/ Watch everybody sleep through it…”

Notes: Obviously having heard the freestyle from a month before, Game drops his now infamous 15 minute barrage mainly aimed at G-Unit. The lines above are aimed directly at Jay. While not disrespectful at this point, he does leave the opportunity open for a lyrical tussle between the two.


The Game – “120 Bars N’ Runnin'” (G-Unit Diss)

Quotable: “Ain’t got sh*t against Hov, I like the n*gga style…”

Notes: At this point, whatever friction between the two that was thought to have been there appeared to be over.

Jay-Z – “The Prelude” (off Kingdom Come)

Quotables: “The game’s f*cked up/ N*gga, ya beats is banging, ya hooks did it/ Ya lyrics didn’t, ya gangsta look did it…”

Notes: To Hov’s credit, this line was probably intended for a wide selection of rappers, but one of the main gripes by Game’s critics is his hooks, beat and image were the reason he found success. Maybe Jay felt the same.


The Game – “My Bitch” (50 Cent, Jay-Z and Suge Knight Diss)

Quotables: “I was first introduced to her in ’96/ She had a wavy haircut and some big ass lips/ At first she was hard to hit/ Come to find out the last 10 years she was suckin’ B.I.G.’s d*ck…”

Notes: Dubbed as an unreleased track which was mysteriously leaked, it was clear that Game’s feelings towards Jay-Z were past a friendly level of competition and elevated towards disrespectful status.

T.I. Feat. Jay-Z – “Watch What You Say To Me” (off T.I.’s T.I. vs. T.I.P.)

Quotables: “N*ggas get to running before you finish your sentence/ And then they back to riffin’ when they off in a safe distance/ You like, ‘you was just here, you disappear like magicians’/ In thin air, I’m like damn n*gga, at least keep it consistent/ I hear you baiting me lately, I been doing my best just to stay hater free/ Still, watch what you say to me…”

Notes: While this was thought to have been a verse aimed at both Lil Wayne and The Game when it first surfaced, all the hints point towards Game, especially the ‘baiting’ reference.


Jay-Z – “Blueprint 3” Intro Freestyle

Quotables: “I ain’t talkin’ bout gossip/ I ain’t talkin’ bout Game/ I ain’t talkin’ bout Jimmy/ I ain’t talkin’ bout Dame…”

Notes: Five years after ‘200 Bars’, Jay finally mentioned The Game by name on a record. What his next is (if he even plans on going that route), remains to be seen, but it did prompt this.

The Game – “I’m Wavy” (Jay-Z Diss)

Quotables: “No one on the corner gotta swagger like you/ Cause no one on the F*CKIN’ corner is 42…”

Notes: Nevermind the lingo from Max B, Jayceon took the swipe from Hov as a call from all out war. While the verses weren’t anything to get excited about, the disrespect factor in the song is on code red with swipes at Amber Rose’s infidelity, Beyonce and Jay’s alleged inability to procreate and Jay’s barring of Chris Brown from the B.E.T. Awards.

So what’s next? “Takeover 2”? “400 Bars”? Who knows, I’m just glad we’ve got something else to talk about other than Michael Jackson (no disrespect, but we’ve got to let the man rest in peace).

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