Tonight a Special Slice of Broncos Hell

08.30.09 8 years ago 45 Comments

Things were looking promising for Denver for about a quarter. Jay Cutler was getting hit on nearly every dropback and Broncos fans lustily cheered IN-COM-PLETE with every one of his miscues. Even Kyle Orton’s numbers were pretty much tantamount to the quarterback he’s replacing. But then Neckbeard left the field in pain on the Broncos final drive before half with what looked like a paper cut and then Cutler led the Bears on a 98-yard scoring drive, culminating with a TD pass to Matt Forte. Oh, and Cris Collinsworth had to detail how Greg Olsen and his wife are the one true Cutlerf-ckers.

Beware those pinpricks, he’s got the McDaniels SuperAIDS!

At least “stupid” didn’t go with the obvious knockoff jersey with no sleeves. And when did the “I’m with stupid” shirts become resistant to contractions? Overenunciating around the very dumb just seems cruel.

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