Tonight! One Night Only! The Fabulous Big Daddy Drew Rhythm And Blues Revue!

01.19.12 6 years ago 47 Comments

I’ll be hosting a reading tonight in DC at the Dodge City Bar. The last time I had a reading at a bar, it was in Austin, TX, and some of the bar’s regulars were really pissed that some uppity Yankee blogger was in the back reading out loud. One of them yelled out THIS AIN’T NO DAMN LIBRARY while he was playing pool. It was AWESOME. So come on over, get drunk, ask me if my old lady reads KSK (everyone asks this, and the answer is “not if I can help it”), and stand around awkwardly with other people. AND IT’S LADIES’ NIGHT AT THE DODGE CITY BAR*

(* – no idea if this is true)

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