The Top 14 Movies To Look Forward To In 2014

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Top 14 Movies - 2014

Words by AJ | Alec Boland | DrHipHop

If you fancy yourself a movie fan, the next month or so should be dedicated to catching all of the incredible movies to trickle out at the end of 2013. American Hustle, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Inside Llewyn Davis and her all deserve your attention.

And after that? Let’s just say that 2014 has some pretty big projects on the horizon. From superhero sequels to brand new sci-fi experiences, there should be plenty of reasons to plant your butt in a nice stadium seat and escape for two hours. And as always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

The Monuments Men

The experience of watching The Monuments Men trailer is a never-ending sense of “Oh, they got him in this movie? And her? And Bill f*cking Murray?” It looks like Steven Spielberg borrowed Ocean’s Eleven’s cast to shoot Saving Private Ryan. Kudos to George Clooney and company for making a trip to a Nazi museum look like the most entertaining thing in the world.

Release Date: February 7

The Grand Budapest Hotel

We’ve already talked about how awesome this movie looks. It’s directed by the insanely brilliant Wes Anderson, stars his usual cast of merry actors and actresses, and looks to revel in those odd worlds that Anderson loves to build in–this time’s being a 1920s hotel. It probably won’t win any awards but watch it make a few year-end lists.

Release Date: March 7

Muppets Most Wanted

Jason Segel’s 2011 reboot of the once-mighty Muppet franchise was exactly what the doctor ordered, re-introducing Kermit’s slapstick brand of comedy to a contemporary audience. Segal and Amy Adams won’t be around for round two, but expect Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey to keep the laughs coming while Gonzo blows sh*t up.

Release Date: March 21

Captain America: The Winter Soldier/Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Studios is fairly synonymous with blockbuster films at this point, and 2014 seems to have them taking it to new heights with the sequel to 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger and the brand-spanking new Guardians of the Galaxy. The return of Chris Evans’ Captain America definitely looks to up the ante by mirroring the Bourne Trilogy with that distinct Marvel flavor. And with the film based on the highly popular and modern day classic Captain America story of the same name, this film is definitely going to elevate this franchise.

Meanwhile, not to get stuck in what’s familiar, Marvel is taking a huge gamble with the less-known comic property, Guardians of the Galaxy. Although no trailer has been released yet, from everything fans can read and hear, this space adventure flick will combine high octane action with comedy and big-name stars. If it follows in the success of the other Marvel films, then in 2014 everyone will continue to say, “Make Mine Marvel.”

Release Date: April 4/August 1


We’re all familiar with Wally Pfister’s work already as Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer in movies like The Dark Knight and Inception. Now Wally is fleeing the Bat Cave and breaking out on his own in an intriguing sci-fi concept film with Transcendence. If the singularity between robot and human beings is coming soon, we hope it really does involve Johnny Depp becoming an omniscient super computer.

Release Date: April 14


Remember that one time Matthew Broderick fought Godzilla in the ’90s and Diddy got richer off the soundtrack? Well 16 years later, a new (and, we hope, better) U.S. production of Godzilla is hitting theaters. Directed by Gareth Edwards, the guy behind the criminally underrated Monsters, and starring Bryan Cranston alongside the other other Olsen sister, this latest addition to the decades-long franchise has built up quite a buzz already. Honestly, as long as it doesn’t do anything the ’98 fiasco did, this monster movie will smash the box office.

Release Date: May 16

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Ever since the horrible–HORRIBLE!–X-Men: The Last Stand, the X-Men franchise took a detour to the past to help redefine itself and retrieve some respect from fans. But this year, the present X-Men (technically the FUTURE X-Men?) and the past X-Men collide under the control of the original X-master, Bryan Singer. Featuring a vast cast and based on one of the X-Men’s most iconic storylines, X-Men: DoFP might not just match some of the franchise’s best films but may elevate itself and the franchise to show what Marvel’s merry mutants are capable of.

Release Date: May 23


People have attempted gritty reboots of fairy tales before, like Snow White and the Huntsman and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. But none of those films had a casting that felt as right as Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. After a much earned three-year break, it will be nice to see Mrs. Pitt slipping back into full movie star mode. And District 9’s wonderful Sharlto Copley playing a king? Child, please.

Release date: May 30

A Million Ways To Die In The West

Not much is known about Seth MacFarlane’s western comedy. But considering the hilarity that we had with Ted and the talented actors lending their talents to this movie (Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron, Neil Patrick Harris), it’s a safe bet that we’ll find a lot to laugh about.

Release Date: May 30

Edge of Tomorrow

It seems that whoever made the poster and cut the trailer have mistaken Edge of Tomorrow for a sequel to Oblivion. Although, Edge of Tomorrow’s plot of time loops and shapeshifting aliens sounds far, far cooler. Also: here’s to hoping that Emily Blunt continues to star in movies that heavily feature time travel.

Release Date: June 6

22 Jump Street

21 Jump Street was a pleasant surprise in 2012, and 22 Jump Street looks like it’s going to live up to its predecessor in 2014. Everything is in place, from the hilariously contrived reason for the “22” name (the Koreans bought the church back) to the rumored guest stars that are going to be making an appearance. If nothing else, it’ll be fun to see Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum back together, shooting wildly at drug dealers and Rob Riggle’s penis.

Release Date: June 13


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Let’s be honest: Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman’s handling of the beloved franchise really has no way of being unwatchable. Either their in-your-face, blow-up-everything style works for a series that’s always has lots of ‘tude to toss around, or its one of the greatest unintentional comedies of all time. Whatever happens, we’re interested.

Release Date: August 8


Conquering the world of superheroes (the Batman Trilogy), magicians (The Prestige), and weirdo thieves (Inception) clearly wasn’t enough for Christopher Nolan and company. With his upcoming (and enigmatic) Interstellar, the man who consistently bends and breaks our expectations of genre films is looking to create a modern day 2001: A Space Odyssey. Information on the plot is light and the trailer doesn’t give you much, but just hearing the score, seeing the cast, and knowing who is behind the lens easily makes this one of 2014’s most anticipated films.

Release Date: November 7



You don’t have to thump the Bible to be excited for Ridley Scott’s religious epic. Christian Bale stars as Moses, while Aaron Paul takes a turn as Joshua. That one-two punch would be worth watching in any movie, but a project of this magnitude is just going to be bonkers.

Release Date: December 12

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