Black History Month Is Over. Resume Coonery, Tyler Perry

03.01.11 7 years ago 35 Comments

We’ve been inundated with still images of the downfall of human civilization for the last month, but now we get moving pictures. Rejoice.

Now we get a trailer to the movie your third baby mamma has been anticipating for months, Madea’s Big Happy Family. The trailer doesn’t disappoint.

We open with either Amos or Andy asking for a grown man in dressed as a woman to hold him. He’s, of course, slapped by his cross-dressing lover. Of course, soon thereafter, there’s the obligatory baby-mama-holding-the-baby scene that Tyler Perry movies are so known for. Then, Madea hits us with an original and not-at-all-outdated “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!” bit.

Maury Povich? Check.

And finally, the pièce de résistance: Madea driving her car into a fast food place because they’re out of ham. See, it’s funny because we Black people gots to have our pork.

It looks like I’m not the only one that isn’t a big fan of Madea Perry. The one and only Stringer Bell, who starred in Daddy’s Little Girls had some choice words for the man that used to do tight shots of his chest:

“I don’t like all of Tyler Perry’s films. Yes, I did work with Tyler for “Daddy’s Little Girls” because it portrayed a positive image of a black father. I am happy for Tyler’s success…we need Tyler Perry…by going to support his movies, we need to show economic strength. But we are also responsible for elevating film,’ Elba said addressing what has become a debate of sorts between Spike Lee and Perry. “I’m not with buffoonish characters like Madea or Big Momma.”

I actually saw part of Daddy’s Little Girls a couple of days ago – don’t ask – and, I must say, it’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. First of all, there’s one scene where Idris is standing next to his leading lady, Gabrielle Union, when he inexplicably takes off his shirt in mid-conversation! It’s just like Perry hadn’t reached his naked man quota, so he just went for it.

The main conflict of the movie comes when Union, who plays Elba’s custody lawyer and significant other, realizes, in court mind you, that Elba had been convicted of rape and served like eight years in jail. What the hell kind of lawyer doesn’t know that her client went to jail for rape?! Then she storms out of court all mad that he didn’t tell her, and I’m wondering why he didn’t storm out of court wondering why he had such a sh*tty lawyer.

And I was staring at my television wondering why Tyler Perry is allowed to make such sh*tty movies. Oh yeah, it’s in the name of Jesus. Halleluyer.

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