White History Month – Al Davis

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Happy White History Month and national Anniversery folks,, what are you doing to celebrate White contributions to the USA/NFL? Im going to rent football Follies at the store and forget my membership card but they’ll let me rent it anyways on account of I check it out a few times a year, and not to brag but Im kind of known to be a pretty heavyweight Yelp reviewer on that particular street. This whole month were going to be honoring White league figures and the contributions they’ve made to the league.

Today we look at the life and times of Al Davis a trailblazer who was born on the 4th of July and ironically just like Tom Cruises hero in the film, Davis hated real Patriots and couldnt control his temper or bowels.

Al Davis got under the skin of the old NFL like the colony of millipedes that lived under his for the last 3 years of his life. He fought against the Man and never apologized for it. Despite his forehead looking like Mike Vicks gums after a trip to Atlantic city, Davis was able to be the only person who was a scout, assistant coach, headcoach, GM, cryptkeeper, commissioner, and owner in Professional football. Plus anytime you can make Rick Reilly write a dancing on your grave column the day after you die you know you lived youre life right. Considering the article was one big “In Your Face” to Davis the most supriseing part is that Reilly didnt even mention Al’s fangs once.

When you think about it all those actors like Ice Cube ,Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre wearing his clothes Al really advanced the cause of struggling Whites in urban neighborhoods,, Davis made it cool to be White again and my Black friend even had to admit that he’d be walking around naked if it werent for White people like Al, not in a Africa kidnapping way but because it seemed almost like the only clothes Derrick owned in the 80s had the Raiders logo slapped all over it no offense Derrick. Its a pretty commonly accepted fact in the Rap community that NWA actually stood for N****s With Al which tells you just how much he transended race and gave me optimism that I wouldnt get beat up for trying to call “next” if I was out shooting some hoops. God Bless you Al and Godspeed.



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