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11.15.08 9 years ago
Greg OdenBig sign from the big man.

I know it’s Saturday and people aren’t online as much as usual, but there are some extremely important fantasy developments going on and many of them either began last night or situations became clearer last night. If you have a friend that is not in your league that plays fantasy hoops, today is a good time to introduce them to the (Almost) Daily Fantasy. Today is really all about the big men.

Brook Lopez – The time is right now for Lopez. At least it should be. Sure you might not be able to trust that the Nets organization will permanently give Lopez the starting job and minutes after one great game in the starting five, but they drafted him to be a starting center. Last nights 25 points, 9 boards and 2 blocks are a great glimpse into the on court and fantasy potential of Lopez. The Nets don’t have enough going on to justify keeping Lopez on the bench. If he’s available, grab him.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute –
Long term, I have more confidence in Brook Lopez, but Moute has to be picked up at this point. He’s in the starting line up, he’s a Skiles type player, he went for 19 and 17 last night, and has been fairly consistent. He at least will give you point OR boards and on nights like last night he’ll give you both. He blocked a shot last night, but the blocks don’t seem to be a major part of Moute’s repertoire.

Greg Oden –
Owners rejoice. Double/double (11 and 11) and 4 blocks is EXACTLY what you were hoping for from Oden on draft day. It took a little bit longer than expected but Oden showed what he offer last night. Here’s the deal, give him a solid 2 to 3 weeks of solid fantasy play and then trade high before he’s out for the season.

Pistons big men –
I didn’t recommend Amir on draft day and know for those who still own him I can definitely recommend cutting him. DNP last night. Kwame is starting and had a double/double last night, but I would never ever do that to you. I like Maxiell the best and judging by the contract, the Pistons do too, but he is not ownable either.

Robert Swift – Over the last three years we’ve seen a healthy Robert Swift for about 10 minutes, but when we have, we’ve seen glimpses. The Sonics/Thunder have made an absurd investment in Swift and last night gave him the starting job. He of course got hurt, but he also had 13 boards and 2 blocks. Watch him extremely carefully, the Thunder are looking for a surprise and Swift could be him. No, really. He could.

JaVale McGee –
McGee continues to do something productive game in and game out. It wasn’t a double/double but 13 points and 4 boards are still stats. There are not many rookies (or vets for that matter) that drop double/doubles every night. He’s very ownable right now.

Yi Jianlian –
AHHHHHHHHHHHH. So frustrating. 3 points and 4 boards last night. Just when you think he’s becoming consistent… At the same time, Yi is very much improved and is boarding. He’s frustrating but he needs to be owned. Forwards who hit threes and rebound are always nice.

Adam Morrison – I think what I said was that if you need someone for points, threes, and nothing else than Morrison might be your guy. That was before 15 points and 3 threes last night. It could be short term, but the Bobcats are another squad that are looking for anything that can spark them.

Sean May –
He scored only 8 points, but he did it early, looked pretty impressive and is clearly still out of shape. Hey, if he continues to start May good end up with value. We’ll of course be watching.

Deron Williams – That ankle is clearly not that close to 100%. Just keep in mind that he may need additional days. Back to backs are very questionable right now.

Ownable/Cutable – I finally added both words to my spell check dictionary. Figured I’d drop that in here.

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