Will The GAP Provide Holiday Cheer?

10.07.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

If you’re like me, you love fashion. And of course by fashion I mean t-shirts with my dog’s face on them. Now imagine if you walked into a store this holiday season with the intention of buying one t-shirt with your pet’s face on it, but they tell you, “Great news, sir, you get two shirts for the price of one.” Greatest moment of your life, right? Well hold on to your hats because current trends say that we’re in for some generous retail benefits over the next few months as industry analysts predict this holiday season will improve upon last year’s numbers to the tune of $447 billion. That’s a lot of dog shirts.

Stores like American Eagle and the GAP have already been knocking back prices on their new styles and offering deals for multiple item purchases. It’s with crafty strategies like these that retail clothing stores should be able to lure more consumers out of the shadows of the recession. But the slimmer-than-expected Back to School sales numbers have put stores on notice, and they probably also mean that your kid is getting picked on for wearing the same Ed Hardy shirt he wore last year.

And this change in strategy is like a metaphor wrapped in a simile of imagery for the GAP, as the company has finally announced that after so many years it is changing its classic blue logo with the capital letters, “GAP”. Instead, the new logo features a small blue square as an accent to the simple, “Gap.” New logo or old, some people just aren’t having it, as someone has even started a Twitter account for the logo. But the aging frat boy in me still loves the GAP or the Gap and just hopes that the company keeps that in mind when a certain blogger goes in there to blow a paycheck.

While it seems to be in with the new at Gap, the retail giant is trying to help its customers out with their blue. Between now and October 20, customers can bring their old jeans into their nearest Gap/GAP store and donate them for the “Cotton, From Blue To Green” initiative, which is helping to turn old jeans into insulation for housing. In return, customers get 30% off any denim purchases. Unfortunately, though, the Gap is unable to print your dog’s face on their jeans.


  • It’s a trap! Retail stores are using irresistible discounts to get people spending. (Wall Street Journal)
  • GAP changes its logo, society collapses, streets turn red with blood of non-believers. (Under Consideration)
  • The GAP is collecting your old jeans, even the pair with the huge hole in the butt. [With Video] (Fast Company)



  • Male model Florian Van Bael was fired from an Abercrombie & Fitch shoot after the Belgian model was caught eating a croissant. Van Bael was being paid $1,500 per day for a week-long photo shoot and Abercrombie was not about to have him gain a quarter of a pound on their dime. (New York Post)
  • A Memphis man was arrested after he started a fight with two male teens over their baggy drawers that were exposing their underwear. The argument escalated in the street and resulted in the man shooting one of the teens in the butt. The teens tried to run but they tripped over 1994. (CBS News)



  • The average American woman is 5-foot-4 and weighs 140 pounds, while the average American female fashion model is 5-foot-11 and 117 pounds. That’s a difference of about 43 croissants. (University of Colorado)
  • In 2009, the Top 5 publicly traded retail clothing companies were TJX Companies Inc., The Gap Inc., Limited Brands Inc., Nordstrom Inc., and Ross Stores Inc. Finishing in a distance 6th place is my retail company, Mesh Tank Tops Global LLC. (Fulcrum)


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