Black Sheep Feat. Jean Grae – “Party Tonight”

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Black Sheep's From the Black Pool of Genius is starting to sound better and better with each song that pops up.

Toca Tuesdays

Jean Grae Feat. Styles P. & Talib Kweli – “Rock In Your Pocket”

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Every couple of years, we ponder who will emerge as the next great hope to represent for the ladies on the mic.


I Didn’t Even Know It Was Jean’s Birthday…

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But instead of us as fans wishing her well, she's given us this new joint as a gift instead.


“Jean’s For Sale” – Jean Grae Selling Verses…On Craigslist

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Well, in an interesting turn of events (not really) in recessionary news, Jean Grae is going the Bizarre route in pursuit of the dollar.


Jean Vs. Jean

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Despite the fact that we now sit by our keyboards eagerly awaiting the next leak, we sometimes lose sight as to how detrimental a leak used to be.

jean grae

“I Got Everything To Give, Just Don’t Rush Me…”

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I'm not a member of the He-Man Woman Hater's Club, but I've never gone buckwild for many female emcees.

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