Video: Melanie Fiona & Brian McKnight Perform “Someday At Christmas”


TC for Team Melanie here checking in to drop off this beautiful rendition of Ms.

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Melanie Fiona Feat. Ghostface Killah – “It Kills Me” Remix

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It's been a long, winding road for Melanie in '09 from her early buzz to actually seeing her album release.

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Melanie Fiona – “Monday Morning” Video

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Not a day goes by when a female doesn't express via Twitter how much "It Kills Me" resonates with them in some shape, form or fashion.

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Video: Melanie Fiona x BET Rising Icons

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Honestly, for everything BET gets wrong, they've gotten a good handle on their Rising Icons show.

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Melanie Fiona – “Bang Bang” Video

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My homegirl likes to call this "Black girls rock, too.


Notable Quotable – J. Cole On “Beautiful Bliss”

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Like sunshine on a rainy day, behold one of the best verses of the year.

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Melanie Fiona – “It Kills Me” Video

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Songstress Melanie Fiona's new video for her single "It Kills Me.


Video: Melanie Fiona Covers “Killing Me Softly”

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"La la la,la la la la la la la la whoa oh oh oh.

WQST Radio Presents: Melanie Fiona Meets The Illadelphonics

Melanie Fiona & The Illadelphonics – “Ay Yo”

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Finally, a little audio from the sessions between Melanie Fiona & The Illadelphonics.

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Video: Melanie Fiona’s “Heartless” Cover With ?uestlove

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Being the cover fan that I am, it wasn't hard for me to be taken in this one.

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Melanie Fiona – “Give It To Me Right” Video

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Corrine's still outta pocket, Alicia's doing Lord knows what, Laura's on the horizon, Estelle's reloading from last go around, Goapele's surprisingly still in the mix, Keri still has a way to go & Chrisette managed to actually drop a second [...].

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“More Melanie Fiona…”

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The homie emailed MZ & cc'ed me, so I'm sharing.

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“The Right Stuff…”

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Melanie Fiona may be unfamiliar to many, as she was to me until a few days ago, but she's definitely worth a listen.

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