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By / 02.06.14
"No azodicarbonamide for me today, thanks."

“No azodicarbonamide for me today, thanks.”

In case you haven’t seen one of the 6,000 TV commercials that air in any given minute, Subway likes to tell us all to “Eat Fresh!” by picking up one of their $5 footlongs. They also like to sing songs about those footlongs, and while it would be really, really awesome if that stopped, jingles are hardly the fast food franchise’s biggest problem right now. Instead, the problem is something called “azodicarbonamide,” which is a chemical that has previously been used in the allegedly fresh bread that people are eating. Oh, and it’s also a chemical that is used in producing yoga mats.

The website brought widespread attention to this issue last week, but Subway officials claim that the company was already well aware and trying to remove the bleaching agent from the bread.

“The complete conversion to have this product out of the bread will be done soon,” Subway said in a statement, without providing further details.

In the latest petition targeting Subway, [ editor Vani] Hari noted that the azodicarbonamide used in its bread “as a bleaching agent” is also used to make yoga mats and shoe rubber. The petition noted that Subway doesn’t use the ingredient in its breads in Europe, Australia or other parts of the world.

Although the ingredient is used in other food products, Hari said she focused on Subway because of the healthy image it tries to project. Subway has endorsement deals with Olympic athletes.

“This is not eating fresh!” Hari’s petition said. (Via the AP)

With any good online petition comes a great deal of social media outrage, and people have been taking their furor to Subway’s Facebook page in droves. Some of the anger looks like this:

7 Subway anger

8 Subway anger

9 Subway anger

6 Subway anger

5 Subway anger

4 Subway anger

3 Subway anger

2 Subway anger

Whoever runs Subway’s Facebook account has been responding to a few of the angry comments, but this random guy has been copying and pasting this nugget of info on every comment all day. Talk about a fulfilling existence.

11 Subway anger

And then there’s this guy, who is just sort of pissed at Subway in general:

10 Subway anger

I think the moral of the story is that everything on this planet is going to contribute to our deaths somehow. It would just be better if we didn’t think about it.

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