A Double Fist Pump Night for the Titans!

10.28.08 9 years ago 45 Comments

The undefeated Titans got over the hump against their divisional nemesis, the Indianapolis Angry Pey-Peys, through a steady diet of stingy defense and Kerry Collins hate speech. The Colts were absolutely allergic to taking turnover opportunities seemingly gift-wrapped to them. Still, despite ending the terrible reign of Indy, we say fuck the Titans until the end of days for subjecting us to their retard fans. And ESPN can get doubly fucked for having nothing but Suzy voiceovers and no shots of the matron saint.

UPDATE: Nevermind. Guess we have to wait it out until the post-game. Because Suzy interviews with drunks have always gone so well in the past.

Do they bus these assholes in from the local clown college or the Heat Miser academy? Does that mean the Snow Miser has to get stuck pulling for the Colts? That’s what he gets for the annoying ragtime stylings.

Using smurf as a verb in your acrostic network-whoring sign is just about the nadir of fandom. Thanks, Titans fans, for debasing us all.

Not sure what to hate more here: The half-assed Blue Man Douche get-up, the constant shirtlessness at LP Field or the goddamn underarm Old English tattoos? Nope. Still going with the flaming dagger of suck.

Gotta say, as little as I want to see the Phillies bring home a title for Philly, the Rays deserve a good reaming for nothing else than sparking the moronic painted mohawk fad. The added painted team initial is all Titans fan though. I’d put good money on the chances of him losing that hoodie in the last 59 seconds of the half.

I knew the Lil’est Ronnie wouldn’t let us down. Maybe next time the kid will attach a shaded visor to protect his eyes from the Tennessee shirtlessness.

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