Asher Roth – “Pass The Dutch”

06.11.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

asher roth pass-the-dutch

Cheering for Asher Roth isn’t the “in” thing to do. I’m aware of that. He’s white, he was in a great position and he almost sewed up the bro-rap demographic. He whiffed at his chance as far as most people are concerned. My friend said he’s on the same shelf as Jin filed under “shoulda coulda woulda,” which made me laugh.

The one thing Asher didn’t lose in the Bread Aisle was his abilities to wrestle with words. Right now, he seems washed anew from all the gimmicks and more true to the styles that got him noticed. So, while most people will skip past the Greenhouse Effect Vol.2, I plan on checking for it because it will have redeeming qualities.

Here’s Asher Roth freestyling over Missy’s joint.

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