ASTOUNDING! Face of Breesus Discovered By Midwestern Woman On Cover Of Popular Sports Video Game

04.21.10 8 years ago 53 Comments


Drew Brees will be the cover cursee for this year’s installment of Madden NFL Roster Update ’11. If you ask me, it should be Madden ’01 A.B. because all previous versions came before the Breesus. In fact, Madden ‘30,000,000 B.B. had a dinosaur with a leather helmet on the cover. Inside, in lieu of a disc, there was primordial ooze. Man, that was some fun ooze. Tim Tebow and Carl Everett dispute that the game ever existed, but I say what of the fossilized strategy guides?

Also: the Saints are screwed. And none too soon. You get a Super Bowl and an overly sympathetic David Simon television series in one year? Back to the swamps of mediocrity with you!

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