Baracka Flocka Flame – “I Run The Military” Video

12.19.11 6 years ago 22 Comments

Campaign season brings out the best, worst and darkest sides out of people. Politics is a dog-eat-dog world, and if a certain candidate isn’t strong both mentally and logically, jumpoffs from years past are almost certain to 187 Presidential aspirations. Except for President Obama, he’ll just let his alter ego Baracka Flocka Flame do all the dirty work. BFF hears all the remarks said about him from everyone from Republicans to Lupe Fiasco and he’s just about had enough of the bullsh*t.

Drawing inspiration from the 1995 Source Awards, 2Pac and several other Hip-Hop related sources, Baracka address all his detractors in the venomous, hilarious and low-key lyrically dope “I Run The Military.” You thought it was a coincidence that Khadafi, bin Laden and all these other foreign goons ended up toe-tagged while under his administration? Nah, G. Nah. One thing Baracka Flocka isn’t is trigger shy and he’s down to pull a jack move on anybody who thinks its funny to crack a joke on his stimulus bill or the unemployment rate. And as for those tired of watching his throne on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and attempting to overthrow it, he’s got something for them too. Cain, Bachman, Palin, McCain, Romney, listen up real close.

“Lupe claims he ain’t vote for Barack
That’s why it took so long for his album to drop
Herman Cain is a lame he should stay up out my lane
You a lil’ road block like Palin and McCain
I laugh often at Bachmann, she don’t pose no threat
Mitt Romney ass niggas don’t get my respect
Got Tavis and Cornel talking that shit too
I’m outside the TV station like “What that shit do?!”

Baracka stays in the hood. Everybody else is trying to tear it down. Now who are you voting for in 2012?

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