The iPod Shuffle – Beanie Sigel’s ‘Look At Me Now’

03.29.15 3 years ago 13 Comments

“I’m a CEO n****. Clothing line… cartoons, movies, name it n****”

Of all the casualties from the Roc-A-Fella break up, Beanie Sigel may have been the most affected. Pre-split, Beans was coming off two acclaimed albums, while heading up the State Property collective with music, movies, and a clothing line released in their name. Sigel was looking to hit it big with the release of his third album The B. Coming.


Then it all came came crashing down.

After catching a weapons charge, Beans had to spend a year in prison when the album dropped. During that time, Jay and Dame split up leaving artists to choose a side. Sigel rolled with Dame while the other members of State Property went with Hov, effectively ending their run as a crew.

The B. Coming dropped a decade ago today and was as highly praised as his previous albums, debuting at number three on Billboard with three singles making the charts.

Unfortunately, Beanie’s subsequent releases never reached the level of his first three, both artistically and commercially. The multiple run-ins with the law and miscellaneous shootouts probably didn’t help either, though his recent appearance with Meek Mill may prove that the Broad Street Bully still has something left.*

A highlight from The B. Coming, “Look At Me Now” carries an ironic twist today. While the song was meant as a victory cry to signify how far Beans had come, a decade later the song’s adlibs now stand as a testament to what could have been.

* — Or he could just do an album with Jake One. That’s never a bad idea.

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