Bears-49ers Live Blog, Second Half

11.19.12 5 years ago 572 Comments

That’ll be just about it for Alex Smith as starter for the 49ers. I have a feeling that Harbaugh already has plans to shove him down the stairs later this week. Then the sweepstakes begins for the fan base to be disappointed that their teams signs him to lead their offense in free agency.

Gruden’s man crush is evident. At one point, he gushed, “You can call any play you can dream up for Colin Kaepernick.” I don’t know. I can dream up plenty of illegal formations, Jon.

So far it’s been jumbo packages and throws to Vernon Davis that have been trouble for the Bears defense. As for when they have the ball, Jason Campbell has made Byron Leftwich look a viable starter by comparison. So at least it isn’t a repeat of the Sunday night game. It’s an entirely different kind of ugly game.

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