“From Vir-gin-ia Un-ion Uni-vers-ity…”

08.08.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

If you follow Page 5 of the sports section or just listen to talk radio religiously like I do, then you heard Ben Wallace is back with my Bad Boys.

Ever since he bolted for the bucks, er… Bulls, I never held back on my boos. So, when I heard the jarring Mike Valenti deliver the breaking news, my red, white and blue blood made me a little skeptical. I mean, not only did he shed his fearsome fro,’ but he’s not good anymore. Bottom line. Then, I heard the average age of a Piston was 25 and realized Big Ben was going to be taking on more of a mentor role, to which I humbly concurred. Plus, when Mason does the extra elongated B-B-B-B-B-Beeeeeen Wallace introduction, complete with the Undertaker gong, a small piece of my past will be re-instituted.

Welcome back, Ben.

Now, try not to deliberately get hacked when we’ve got five team fouls.

Wallace, Pistons Agree On One-Year Deal – [ESPN]

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