The Best Moments From 49ers-Rams

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It’s a good thing that Sports on Earth writer crunched the numbers on Thursday night games being more exciting than people think before last night, but last night’s one-sided affair must have driven the numbers down. The most common media narrative reaction is that the 49ers have righted the ship, but even Rams lover Peter King had to concede on Twitter after the game that the blowout had more to do with St. Louis playing like ass.

Case in point: San Francisco had 11 drives of 12 yards or fewer and still win by 26. So perhaps a little premature to say they’ve figured everything out. Still, it’s an important win and nice from a fantasy perspective to see Frank Gore be useful for once this season (ahem). And even though the game overall was forgettable, it had its moments and here they are.

Looks like we’ve found the newest Mayockism. First, there was burp the baby. Now it’s eat grass. Nice of Brad Nessler to point out how extra stupid that phrase sounds when talking about a game played on turf. Either way, Mayock is joining Les Miles’ coaching staff next year.

So Joe Staley let loose a shriek of death when he got hurt in the second half. Not only is he okay, but he was laughing about it on Twitter after the game. Good to hear, but I’m still unnerved from hearing it.

There was a free kick! They’re the best, even if I can’t recall one ever working. A bunch of people gave the Raiders grief earlier in the season because they opted for a Hail Mary to close out a half instead of a free kick from roughly the same distance. Unlike Phil Dawson, SeaBass actually has the leg to hit it.


Anquan Boldin back to the measty form he was showing in Week 1. This touchdown catch along the sideline was especially impressive.


Not only should have Donte Whitner caught this interception, but it tips it to Jared Cook for a Rams first down. Nice donation of offense to St. Louis. They can use all they can get.


And Whitner still got his INT later. Wait, he dropped the other one and caught that? That shouldn’t be.


Sam Bradford is so lucky he’s on a franchise no one cares about and thus has been allowed to be disappointing for four seasons with relatively little consequence. The Rams even WANT to extend his contract. Jeebus, you might as well trade him for Josh Freeman.


That’s Nacho-level dumbfoundedness. Perhaps we’ve underestimated Bradford’s capacity for derp.

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Still not as bad as wearing a Cardinals hat.



If you’ll mind a brief indulgence, it heartens my stupid Steeler fan self to see that Max Starks is still out there whiffing on blocks. This is the first year in what seems like a decade that Pittsburgh didn’t sign him to a one-year deal to be their laughably bad left tackle (they found a different laughably bad left tackle) so now another fan base gets to feel my pain.

By the way, pretty sure I deserve to have my books dumped for referencing an obscure ’80s cartoon in a recap of a football game.

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