B.o.B Feat. Asher Roth – “F*ck The Money”

01.30.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

I was supposed to be hitting up a Clipse performance tonight but the weather didn’t permit. I made it about 1/18th of a mile before I slid off into the grassy median. With an assist from a helpful fellow with a chain and a spare tow hitch, it was back to the crib I came. Since I cannot party, therefore I blog and share this new Bobby Ray. Off his upcoming May 25th mixtape which drops next week. The correlation is the track features Kanye’s production, originally done for a young lady named Aura and her song, which featured the Brothers Thornton. Shake knew that, not me.


Download — B.o.B Feat. Asher Roth – “F*ck The Money” (Prod. by Kanye West) (Radio Rip)

Throwing this one out there as well. Another radio freestyle that B.Rich sent earlier in the week but I didn’t have time to post.

Download — B.o.B – Live Radio Freestyle (Foxxy 99 NC)

H/T: LA Leakers via 2DB x B.Rich

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