Goodell Wants 18 Games Again: A Collection Of Actual ProFootballTalk Commenter’s Suggestions To Get Us There

09.23.13 4 years ago 50 Comments

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Earlier this morning Football God and worldclass TV host/joke-stealer Mike Florio reported that Roger Goodell is “secretly” trying to push for a 18-game regular season again, or at least as secret as you can be while still contacting a NFL journalist who will literaly print anything you tell him if it has the words “Goodell, revenue, or ‘distraction'” in it. Well we all know that if you want innovation the first place you should look is in the comments section of PFT, these are knowledgeable fans who are curators of the game and arent afraid to dish out some opinions and pro-bono ideas to continue to make the NFL statiscally the best and safest game on the planet. I went back over the past year and pulled out some real winning suggestions that the League should adopt immediately:

1st lets check in w/ my buddy stompout with a pair of logicaltakes:



Justintuckrules over here standing on the table for MORE preseason games because thats before all the me-first contract-guys have to play:


Not sure what Cooklynn17s getting at but hes just having a little bit of fun w/ it obviously:


Chibears5s protecting the integrity of the stats,, ProHardballTalk is that way pal:


Ravensfan8780 is pushing for a home+home series against the localest rival, I mean who couldnt get on board for 2 Browns Bengals matchups? Pretty clever way of ensuring your team gets to play the Redskins twice every year buddy:


Tinkstavern wants to make every team play a cool neutral site game every year bringing the league back to NFL hotbeds like Hartford and Columbus:


LukeTbaker sees your 17 game season and neutral site and ups the ante to 20 game season and 2 neutral site games in places like China. He also advocate’s for 2 neutral games but ones home and ones away, this will require more follow-up with Luke on my part to clarify:


All strong takes, all great ideas, let’s hope that theres a “Great Compromise” in here somewhere to incorporate all these great ideas maybe lets get the ProBowl involved moving it to the preseason where each team gets a lucky fan or someone who drank the most Dr. Pepper or something as QB.

Or maybe theres a game where its just QBs making NFL throws like the Home Run Derby and the Top5 are allowed to be called Elite by analysts for the rest of the year, the game could be worth half a game and used as a tiebreaker.

Or they could have the games spread out on every night of the week so you get 2 games every night (think about TV revenues) and 2 day games on Sundays for tradition. Anyway you slice it, we want more games,, dont let us down Roger Greatdell.

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