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As much as Dallas failure is enjoyed and appreciated on all levels, there’s something to be said for seeing the defending champs lose their home opener after an extravagant ceremony where Eli Manning shrugs his shoulders in triumph. A home opener loss has yet to happen since the league set up its Thursday night kickoff special at the house of the Super Bowl winner. In fact, the last Super Bowl winner to lose its Week 1 game the following season was the ’99 Broncos. So it’s been a little while. Long enough that I want to see it, even if I generally find the Giants less objectionable than the Cowboys.

Divisional contests and Week 1 have a way of making for outlier results. And it’s not like Dallas hasn’t been able to give New York a game. Their first contest last year was a near-classic that featured a dramatic comeback by the Giants, capped by Jason Pierre-Paul blocking a potentially game-tying field goal. The second match-up wasn’t as great, but did provide for this:

I’m trying to be optimistic. Hey, the Saints-Packers kickoff game from last year ended up being one of the best games of the entire season. But, again, that’s the Packers and the Saints. At this point, you can tell I’m trying to talk myself into believing is gonna be an amazing game, when in reality, it’ll likely be a one-sided affair resulting in more Giants fan chest-beating. Not that there isn’t all sorts of Cowboys schadenfreude to gorge on in that scenario.

We’re officially getting underway at 7:30, so groan through Mariah Carey and Peter King with us before the game, if you so dare.

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