Criminal Minded: Rockstar Games Unveils News Of Grand Theft Auto V

10.25.11 6 years ago 23 Comments

In a bit of news that will excite anybody that’s ever picked up a video game controller, Rockstar Games has officially announced the latest sequel to their flagship series, Grand Theft Auto. Accordingly titled Grand Theft Auto 5, not a word about city, plot or really anything else has been uttered, other than news that a trailer will make rounds November 2nd.

I’ve been waiting for one of their games to be featured in the Midwest for years now. What, you wouldn’t play a Grand Theft Auto game set in Cleveland? Imagine whipping down the grey, rusted streets of Detroit in a freshly-stolen Benz. What a day that would be. I’ll keep holding my breath, though. A rust-belt GTA would be too real for you guys.


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