Your Daily Funk: Bobby Womack’s “Daylight”

02.24.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

bobby womack safety zone

There’s an old adage that says nothing good happens after 2AM. Well, that’s complete bullsh*t and Bobby Womack and I are going to tell you why.

Although we’ve all had our fair share of bad moments past cut off o’clock, every one of us also had some of the best times of our lives in those wee hours. Whether the fun is liquored up & wild or stone sober & passionate, late night rendezvous can provide some of the most organic experiences our relatively routine lives can offer and not taking advantage means not seeing the full scope of our imperfect existence. Anyone who disagrees has probably led a pretty uneventful life.

On the flip side of the coin, certain folks are simply at their best amidst dawn’s arrival. From coders and lab rats to songwriters and rap producers, creative types thrive when their sidewalk counterparts are sleeping. To say they’re not accomplishing anything worthwhile past two would be foolish. In all actuality, many of our favorite songs have been written in the late night. Some have actually been written about it.

For this 1975 single from Bobby Womack’s Safety Zone album, the Cleveland soul singer eloquently describes the perks of participating in an afters hours atmosphere and how the “Daylight” will be following him home from the east yet again.

The warming song also finds the enigmatic R&B artist explaining how the same late night grind is beginning to wear on him and considers giving it up altogether. Yet, at the end of the day – or the beginning, depending how you look at it – he still wound up carving out whatever time he felt provided him the proper opportunity to unwind.

Bottom line, don’t follow stupid old sayings and stay up until the sun’s up this weekend, if you feel so inclined. Cool? Cool.

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