Dee-1 Feat. Mannie Fresh – “The Very Best”

09.07.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

Dee-1 must’ve had a lot of fun making “The Very Best.” He’s rhyming with the exuberance of a zealot over snapping production by The MVP’s. His spirit’s contagious because Mannie Fresh’s on the track hollerin’ about children and babies again as if these were the old days. Even the new Yasiin just happened to be in the studio and ended up chipping in vocals as well. It seems like everybody’s catching Dee-1 fever.

Even with all the excitement, “The Very Best” is still the same old Dee-1 who keeps it fun-loving but outspoken by dedicating a few bars to speak up (or is it out?) on the truth about so-called movements, Molly and matters of meaning. Like Manny says in the song’s chorus “this that real Hip-Hop” but not the brow-beating, oatmeal kind that scares listeners away. And when the #TheFocusTape drops in October, the righteous party will continue.

Also below, watch Dee tell 3 Little Digs the story of Joey. For anyone who follow Dee’s Twitter, Hurricane Isaac took a very personal toll on him when his grandparents were trapped in the attic of their home when flooding hit New Orleans. As a staff, we not only support Dee as an artist, we’ve grown to him as a person and spent time with him. To see those tweets going out pleading for help were hard to watch knowing that I couldn’t do anything to help him or the people who aren’t only his grandparents, but also his parents in they sense that they raised him.

As a witness to what transpired, social media’s amazing and to hear the story told by Dee makes it even more amazing.

Big up to Joey.

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