Do Your Best Strut To IAMNOBODI’s “Flowers + Apricots & Prunes”

01.12.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

IAMOBODI aka Ryan Leslie’s little brother keeps it sample free on “Flowers + Apricots & Prunes” and he clearly has another tight record under his belt. The song reminds us what summer sounds like with its clean melody, warm bassline and a bounce just right for a barbecue playlist.

Then you step outside in the dead of winter and the struggle gets real way too fast. All my winter comrades must know there’s a silver lining to this horrible weather. We officially have about 1,700 hours left of frigid weather until spring officially arrives: maybe less if the groundhog hold us down.

Let’s get back to this ill beat, though. The song’s second act mellows everything out to relaxing synths and a simple chord progression. It’s prime for those late-night hours when you need sleep but stay up listening to records while doing dumb sh*t. The afternoon crash hits hard but IAMNOBODI’s production makes you persevere with no regrets.

Well that’s my experience anyway.

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