Fat Trel – Nightmare On E Street Mixtape

03.26.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

After falling out with Wale and having the original version of Nightmare On E Street seemingly held hostage by his management, Fat Trel has still managed to keep his name bubbling just below the surface on a national level. He’s on the cusp, and his next move could be the one to thrust him out of the frigid world of small club dates and quick collaborations with lesser artists into the warm glow of the national spotlight. Truthfully, and forgive me if my hometown bias leads me to exaggerate a bit, the game needs Trel to win.

Trel’s movement is grassroots and not solely based internet buzz. This is a kid that hands out CDs at high schools, presses flesh at club let outs and is at every strip club in the area making sure his voice is heard. He’s proof that there is still a market for street music, and that there are still practitioners of this form that are able to do it artfully. There’s enough swag on the charts. It’s time to make some pulses race, and heartbeats quicken. Nightmare On E Street is finally here. Download it below and wake your ass up.

DownloadFat Trel – Nightmare On E Street Mixtape | Stream

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