Locksmith – “Devil’s Lasso” Video x I Am Lock Mixtape

10.23.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Lyricism may not have been the Bay Area’s calling card for in the last few years, but Richmond’s Locksmith is doing his best to restore that reputation. He’s never been one to bite his tongue and just as you’d expect from such an emcee, no record label will touch him and the controversies that accompany his music. But nowadays being independent is no longer a hindrance and here’s the video for “Devil’s Lasso” off of Embedded, his upcoming collaboration with Ski Beatz. The album will release without a label, distributor, or even as much as a cosign. In the grand scheme of things, the absence of these elements do tend to limit his audience, but they also ensure that his words remain authentic and genuine.

And if the usual club bangers and sex anthems don’t do it for you, give Lock’s recently released mixtape I Am Lock a spin and see if his sharp rhymes and relentless flow can fill your palette. The project features production mainly from EA-Ski and Ski Beatz.

DownloadLocksmith – I Am Lock Mixtape

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