Drake’s Still Not That Pumped About Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse

09.25.13 4 years ago 97 Comments


I really wish this interview clip would have surfaced while I was writing my Drake/John Cena comparison. As many people pointed out, if Drake is John Cena then Kendrick Lamar has to be a combination of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan – the underdogs who made it to mainstream success while bringing the indie aesthetic to the forefront.

Both Cena and Drake have inferiority complexes in regards to their counterparts. Cena gets called a lesser technical wrestler (even though he’s hung in the ring with both Bryan and Punk) while Drake is seen as not on the same level of lyricism as a Kendrick Lamar (though Drake is known to wreck verses in his own right).

So, it makes sense that Drake has taken the Kendrick Lamar verse harder than most of the other MCs mentioned. The verse is another slight at Drake’s ability to keep up lyrically with the Compton giant. The perception about Drake (and Cena) is that their pandering is what has gotten them to their levels of success though they still believe they can outrap/wrestle anybody else in the business if they have to.

That’s clearly why Drake’s verse on “Language” seems like a veiled barb at Kendrick. It’s also probably why Drake seems genuinely hurt by what he feels is a diss (though the “Control” verse wasn’t much of a diss if you really listen to it). His latest interview with Power 106 LA shines some light on just how angry Aubrey is at K. Dot.

The whole thing sort of reminds me of this, don’t you think?

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