Eli Manning’s Time Magazine Cover Is KRAZEE

05.10.12 5 years ago 41 Comments

First, Eli’s making a fool of himself on SNL. Now Elisha is appearing on a contentious cover shot for Time Magazine, promoting a story about the dangers of overmothering your child. [PK speak] Self-deprecation, Eli Manning has it. [/PK speak] Abby and Olivia can’t be thrilled about the use of a model, I bet.

As for the story, not sure what the big concern is. Eli got babied more than either of his brothers and yet it’s he who owns the family record in Super Bowl rings. Looks like taking your children antiquing will be the latest in helicopter mom fads.

Thanks to @TheBaronMorris for the top shot. Slightly more disturbing Manning-related offerings after the jump.

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