03.20.13 5 years ago 27 Comments

Forgive the double dose of Tom Brady posts today, but we would be remiss not to feature this picture of Tom Brady and Gisele riding on a quad on a beach in Costa Rica with their newborn daughter, Vivian Lake, strapped to Gisele’s chest. Responsible parenting!

This might be somewhat reckless, but when you’re blessed with a perfect life, you probably don’t assume freak accidents are going to befall your children. More than anything, it’s unfortunate that Brady a perfect opportunity to build trust with new receiver, Danny Amendola. If you can’t count on Amendola to catch your newborn to secure your baby if it falls off a quad, how can you depend on him to make a critical third down catch?

And if something goes wrong, there are still two other Dreamboat kids (Dreambrood?) out there.

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