‘Fast And Furious 7’ Will “Send Off” Paul Walker, Won’t Reboot

12.11.13 4 years ago 26 Comments

Deaths like Paul Walker’s are tough to swallow, no matter how you cut it. But when the dust settles and the media sets its collective gaze elsewhere, some pretty serious questions are left.

In this particular case, Walker’s death coincided with the filming of the seventh Fast And The Furious film. And since the Fast… series is one of Universal’s most profitable, the studio has been tasked with finding a way to respect the death of their franchise star without pulling the movie’s plug.

Apparently, they’ll be letting their writers feel the pressure. In the form of a “send-off,” Fast & Furious 7 is going to be re-written to incorporate the current shots that do include Paul Walker. A tall task, considering the actor’s pivotal role in the movies. This news follows the rumors that the entire movie would be re-written from scratch.

The movie will remain in some sort of limbo until a proper release date is settled. Make no mistake: Universal can’t afford not to release it next summer, so we should expect a concrete release date to surface soon. Until then, know that there’s a room full of writers treading incredibly lightly, trying to re-work Universal’s golden franchise without being tacky about it.

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