Francis And The Lights – “Like A Dream” Video

11.20.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

New York band* Francis & The Lights curiously disappeared after a seemingly on-the-brink-of-a-breakthrough run in 2010 – where they toured with Drake, nabbed a production placement on Thank Me Later, and put out their own great project, It’ll Be Better – but they’re back with a new song and an accompanying video.

“Like A Dream,” the title track from their upcoming four-track EP, shares their past work’s assured sense of time and space – you can just imagine hearing it spill out of a ‘60s convertible. The visuals, directed by former bandmate Jake Schreier, follow dapper frontman Francis Farewell Starlite, who looks as though he might have skipped from New York City to a sun-soaked Midwestern field without so much as wrinkling his suit.

Like A Dream EP is set for a November 25 release.

* — I’m still not sure it’s not one of those psuedonyms that implies a band where there is none, ala The Weeknd

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