German Scarecrow Much Better Than Other Scarecrows

12.22.10 7 years ago

More often than not, television commercials for local businesses can be rather weak, like this one here (sometimes even mildly racist). But not the case over in Germany, because when they’re not pounding beers with supremely hot women clad in lederhosen, they’re producing awesome local promo spots. Take for example what German electronic retail chain Conrad did for one of their commercials. Sure they could have taken the easy route and just interviewed Wolfgang down the street and paid him to talk about how great the disco music sounds in his car now, but instead they opted for the high road and produced a commercial that truly illustrates just how gifted their electronics chain really is: they built a motion-activated scarecrow that terrifies the absolute sh*t out of anything that comes near it. The robot they call “Die Vogelscheuche der Zukunft” which translates to “The scarecrow of the future” and he even calls out “Attention, attention, please fly away!” whenever a crow is near. Oh Germany, don’t ever change.

Video after the jump:

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