Guess The Schedule, Win Some Crap

04.15.14 3 years ago 96 Comments


The 2014 NFL regular season schedule is expected to be released by the end of April. The Rams are spicing things up a bit by offering fans the chance to win $100,000 by guessing how their schedule is going to play out. The Rams’ opponents for the season are already known, so all the remains putting them and the bye week in the right order. To further complicate things, entrants have to predict which day of the week each game is going to occur. Frankly, I think my guess that the Rams are playing 12 Thursday night games is going to pay off big time.

As we all know, the NFL is a copycat league, so other teams are bound to organize a similar contest to build excitement for the 2014 season. What will they offer for correctly guessing their schedule?

Giants: Date with the Mara of your choice.

Browns: A week off from the Factory and a trip to visit a winning team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Dolphins: Watch a game in a luxury suite with Jim Carrey and one pet dolphin.

Jaguars: A six-month paid internship as general manager for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Chiefs: Receive one game-used chum bucket from Andy Reid.

Buccaneers: $50K to “Make it Rain” at local nightclub of choice plus a stadium cannon for the backyard.


Patriots: Space Ride with Gronk.

Jets: Two months of life coaching from Rex Ryan.

Chargers: *Philip Rivers has made a donation in your name to the missionaries working in Africa.

Steelers: Stand in the middle of the field with Mike Tomlin on one special teams play.

Panthers: A complimentary Bojangles cup and a contemptuous snort from Jerry Richardson.

Redskins: A backhoe, but only if it creates positive PR for the team.

Oakland Raiders: Bail.

Eagles: Permission to use one gang sign without being fired.

Colts: Andrew Luck churns your butter and tends to your oxen for one harvest.

Ravens: Get knocked unconscious then dragged 30 feet by Ray Rice at a casino of your choosing.

Bengals: Free admission to their inevitable first-round playoff loss.

Bills: You own the team now!

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