Company Obviously Dabbling In Witchcraft Invents Helicopter-Bike… And It Works!

Life Writer
06.16.13 4 Comments

A couple of Czech Republic designers, who’ve probably seen E.T. one too many times, have designed and unveiled their prototype for the first flying bike.

The designers’ helicopter-bike prototype weighs about 200 pounds and works via its huge six-battery activated propellers. And like all cool, battery-operated prototypes, the contraption isn’t yet safe enough to be piloted by a human, and it can only hover around for about five minutes before it sucks up all the batteries’ juices. But don’t fret. The designers intend to continue toying with their prototype, hoping to make it safe for humans to use, and stressing as “battery technology improves, so will the bike’s flight time.”

Look into the future by checking it all out below.

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