Here’s Why You Should Watch Ice JJ Fish’s Sensational “Like I Want To” Video

05.14.14 3 years ago 13 Comments

IceJJFish - Like I Want To video

Someone rented a mansion out to IceJJFish. And what’d he do with it? What any young entrepreneur does, of course. He shot a music video!

“Like I Want To” doesn’t get the two sentence review. No how. No way. A trainwreck of this magnitude is only appreciated with the full course meal. Here’s our clip-by-clip breakdown.

:12 – Hold on, you mean this is an actual music video? Like a real one? No, really? You’re shitting me, right?

:20 – This reminds me, I’m getting a bulldog at some point in the future. I’m naming him Slim Charles in honor of one of the greatest characters in TV history. Moving right along…

:26-:29 – Ooo, kill ’em!

:34 – That face you make when you get the “Hey stranger” text after you just posted a dope ass picture on Instagram.

IceJJFish - Like I Want To video 2

1:00 – Perhaps these young ladies are friends of Young JJ. But if they’re “aspiring models,” how much stock can you really invest in being featured in this video? Look I love Applebees Happy Hour, but this is a “2 for $20” video if there ever was one.


1:16 – Sweetheart, what the hell?

1:38 – Ayo! Did he just pay homage to Merton Hanks? I think he just paid homage to Merton Hanks!

IceJJFish - Like I Want To video 3

2:05 – Just going to be honest here. I have no clue what the hell JJ’s saying.

2:30 – That Rolls Royce is rented. I’m sure of it. But in the slim, slim, slim, slim chance it’s not, I’m booking studio time this weekend.

2:41 – Salute to JJ for having all shades of women in his video. You won’t be Pharrell’ing him, Black Twitter!

2:53 – It’s written all over your face, JJ. You don’t have to say a word. He doesn’t even want to be doing this right now. He’s just shucking and jiving for this check.

3:17 – SWERVE!

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