Jets-Titans Live Blog, First Half

12.17.12 5 years ago 1,266 Comments

To prep for this write-up, I had to Google what scenario would have to play out for the Jets to make the playoffs and it was so depressing I think I’d almost rather be reading about Sandy Hook instead. Nevertheless, to make the postseason, the Jets have to win out and have either the Colts lose their last two games or have a series of unlikely circumstances play out that eventually leave the Jets in a three-way tie at 9-7 with the Colts and either the Steelers and the Bengals. Because even though Pittsburgh beat the Jets head-to-head, New York has the benefit of three-way tiebreaking procedure.

I can’t imagine even Jets fans wanting to see this team play any more games than they have to. That said, the trolling potential of a playoff upset involving this team would be sumptuous and quite delightful. Just imagine if the Patriots went one-and-done against this godawful Jets team. High hilarity. I’m not about to get my hopes up for the impossible, so I’m just gonna stick with rooting for them to go away as quickly as they can.

It’s a Monday night game during the fantasy playoffs, so a lot is on the line for the fantasy crowd. I’m going against Drew in keeper league semifinals. I need only 3.6 points out of Chris Johnson to win. Seems fairly safe, but I wouldn’t for a second put it past Cop Speed to f*ck me over horribly. If I win, I make the championship game in this league for the third straight year. I lost the previous two. You don’t give the slight sh*t, but oooohhhhh I SEEK FANTASY VENGEANCE.

/soon becomes fantasy early ’90s Bills

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