Keith Olbermann Tells Story Of His Late Father And How Satchel Paige & Dr. King Helped Him Understand Segregation

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That’s Keith Olbermann and his old man, Theodore. Much has been made about Keith throughout the years and the controversy surrounding his entire career pretty much since his first stint at ESPN. Yet, last night on his new late-night show for The Worldwide Leader, he provided one hell of a commemoration to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his dad and Satchel Paige.

With his dad confined to a hospital, the younger Olbermann launches into a story of how his pops seeing Satchel Paige pitch for the Black Yankees in 1941 at Yankee Stadium later taught him the sobering realization that was racism and segregation. Until Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and truly later with the momentum of the Civil Rights Movement, Theo was unaware why blacks and whites were separate when it came to various walks of life. He simply perceived that’s how the natural order of things operated.

Without ruining too much of the clip, click play. At three and a half minutes, it’s a story personal enough that it’s more than the “Dr. King was a good man and racism is bad” story. He’s always had a way with delivering at these sorts of emotional boobie traps and this one is no different.

It’s just something about those last conversations, I tell ya.

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