Kill Kill Kill: Mercy rule for the already dead

07.23.14 3 years ago 32 Comments

Sometimes you stumble upon a battle where the victor has already triumphed but still has to finish the game before moving on. Much like the Germany-Brazil semifinal, this match is long over but we have to see it out until the end just to make sure one side can go free, safe from injury.

The insult of course being the Dutch — the wolves in this video — looking to scrounge on the already deceased. Everyone is always afraid of wolves, but ultimately they are weaker than the other teams on the field. In this case, the other dear — Germany — and humans. (We’ll say the humans are FIFA in this case fixing the match.)

Mad that it’s a World Cup comparison? Fine. This is just like the NBA Summer League and is completely nonsensical. Hunters saving a deer. There, are you happy?

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