KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Weekend Edition

04.16.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

– A guy tried out to be the first male Broncos cheerleader. AH MAY-UN!? Whhhaaaaaaa? [Record scratch]

Of course, the Ravens have quite a few male cheerleaders, so the notion of an NFL cheermister (note: term not actually real) isn’t all that groundbreaking. Doesn’t mean I didn’t get some cheap laughs out of him in the video, which I included after the jump because it has an annoying autoplay function.

– Tim Tebow attended a thing called a game of “based ball” (nothing to do with The Based God, I’m told) on Sunday. He even tried to fit in by wearing a “based ball” appropriate hat with another famous athlete.

But when Tebow was shown on the stadium video board, he was greeted with a preponderance of boos and only a smattering of applause, according to expert cheerologists on the scene. Such mean people, these “based ball” fans. Anyway, people are making a deal out of this because it fits the “Jew York hates Tebow because they’re heathens” narrative, even though Yankees fans aren’t typically also Jets fans.

– Other Teebish happenings: a couple from Florida – of course – bid $100,000 at a charity luncheon to spend a day with Tim Tebow. As you can see, Rob Gronkowski can talk about taking Tebow’s virginity by force, but in real life, you need to shell out the big bucks plus bring a partner.

– Elisha will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 5th. Already hearing Eli’s upset the musical guest won’t be Kidz Bop.

– The Chiefs are giving customized jerseys to season ticket holders this season, making Arrowhead even more of a hotbed than usual for jersey fouls.

– David Terrell was charged with domestic battery after he allegedly threatened to throw his girlfriend off an apartment balcony. Wish he had just made it a window. Still waiting for that first NFL player defenestration crime.

– This 49ers tattoo was posted at Reddit. Fan ink is a delicate art, as you can see. Without a deft touch, a grizzled old prospector turns into a lawn gnome so easily.

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