KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: You wouldn’t like John Beck when he’s pissed (or any other time)

09.07.11 6 years ago 30 Comments

The Mormons I went to high school with would cringe at this sort of language. John Beck admitted that he’s “pissed” that he lost out on the Redskins quarterback job. In other Redskins news, Joe Theismann is optimistic to the tune of double digit wins. What a nice change of pace for the most insufferable homer in town.

Dallas might be in trouble. We already knew Terence Newman would likely miss the opening weekend. You can now add fellow cornerback Michael Jenkins and rookie right tackle Tyron Smith to the injury report. Maybe this why the Redskins didn’t practice today. Or perhaps they didn’t practice because it’s fucking POURING, and they still haven’t built an indoor practice facility. Nobody can say for certain. Update: Apparently the Redskins were able to fit in some practice time at an undisclosed off-site location.

He has a point. Aaron Rodgers won a Super Bowl, so he can say pretty much anything he wants. Especially if he’s making fun of Nacho’s “embarrassing” photoshoot for GQ. Somewhere Rex Ryan is bristling. Only he is allowed to call his quarterback embarrassing, damn it.

Speaking of embarrassing… It’s Tom Brady’s new UGG commercial (Sportress of Blogitude via Upstate Underdog).

I can only assume that this commercial is the reason for Mos Def’s name change. Anything to distance himself from the image of Brady nodding along to Twilite Speedball.

Remember chatrooms? The latest installment of “Football Guys” at SB Nation is particularly enjoyable. “WoreMcCownToMWeddin” is a pretty fantastic handle.

No suicide this year. We regret to inform you that there will be no KSK suicide pool this year. We will try to make it up to you via lulz.

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