The Interesting Twist In Lil’ Boosie’s Murder Trial

05.08.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

I’ll be honest. Prior to Boosie’s trial, the potential outcome didn’t look prosperous at all. Hell, even now it doesn’t. Then yesterday happened and the alleged hitman, “Marlo Mike” Louding, completely threw a wrench in the prosecution’s plan by changing his story. Here’s the skinny:

— According to several sources, Louding’s confession tapes were played in the courtroom. Some pretty damming evidence, indeed, as they allegedly had him detailing the murder of Terry Boyd. Baton Rouge’s NBC affiliate now says “Marlo” claims he had nothing to do with the 2009 murder. The reason for his original story indicting Boosie? Louding claims he was forced by detectives who threatened to harm his family.

Per MTV News, Louding has a tattoo on his stomach reading, “Yo Boosie Who’s Next?” The urban legend states Louding got the tattoo November 4, 2009, two weeks after Boyd’s murder.

— Louding was at Boosie’s house the night of the murder, but the defense claims they were not friends and did not know each other well. Ideally, Boosie’s legal team wants to paint him as the victim by being an artist attempting to stretch himself too thin in regards of having people in his close circle.

— Then Twitter erupted. @dixie_goon225 took to his account to post the messages, “I GOT A SNIPER RIFLE FOR HILLAR MOORE WHEN HE WALK OUT THE COURT HOUSE.” In case you’re wondering who Hillar Moore is, he’s the district attorney. He soon followed up with, “MAN THEM BITCHES BETTER # FREE BOOSIE BEFORE I SHOOT THAT F***ING COURT HOUSE UP.” Of course he was charged public intimidation where he his defense was he was only “fooling around.”

All in all, a rather eventful day in a trial that has even the Hip-Hop community torn. The future still must play itself out, but Louding changing his account could potentially be the monkey wrench Boosie has been awaiting for close to three years now. Given the amount of man power and notoriety surrounding the case, seeing Bad Azz walk away with his middle finger to the justice system is about as likely as me ever calling Omarion “Maybach O.” But it does force you to think however?

What if Boosie somehow beat this case and waltzed out a free man (pending he could get those smuggling charges handled as well)? From a sheer musical perspective, would he or would he not have the most anticipated return to music in years? Welcome to the things Gotty and I ponder on a daily basis.

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