Luck-One & Dizz Feat. Tope & Epp – “Get. Your. Money.”

09.04.12 5 years ago

Summer is winding down, and Luck-One and Dizz’s “Get. Your. Money.” is the perfect song to ride out the last few weeks of warm weather with, and to motivate you to get your dividends, whether it’s by returning to school or kicking it up a notch at work. With fellow Portlanders Tope and Epp contributing their verses to earning that paper, the video is essentially one big, carefree party.

Coming off as almost tongue-in-cheek at times throughout the song, the King of the Northwest trades in his typical ponderous, serious demeanor for a more light-hearted, even humorous account explaining the ironies of people hating instead of working. Rappers, take note before you try beefing with each other. Luck and Dizz’s collaboration Critical Mass will be dropping October 13th, and before you think about hating on anything about this song or video, think about Luck’s message.

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