Mark Brunell Would Still Like To Earn Money

04.25.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

Despite reports to the contrary out of Jacksonville, financially troubled 19-year veteran quarterback Mark Brunell is not retiring. To be sure, he is a very active, very old free agent. Mostly because he can’t really afford to retire right now.

A report published last fall detailed how a couple handfuls of bad investments turned $50 million in career earnings into $25 million in outstanding claims against Brunell. At nearly 42 years of age, he need only latch onto a roster and ride it out as long as he can. With the veteran minimum for players with at least 10 years of experience set at $910,000, why, he’d only have to play until his late sixties to square himself. Just that easy!

Problem is, not a real huge market for his services. He played out a few years in New York waiting for Nacho to make advances on his daughter, as hinted on during “Hard Knocks” but that definitely came to an end when the Jets dealt for Tebow. Here’s Brunell being a good sport about it, presumably through gritted teeth:

“Tim and Mark are going to work well together. I think they complement each other very well,” Brunell said. “Tim is going to be a great teammate. You can’t have enough Tim Tebows on your roster.

Aw, poor Mark Brunell. If only we could get together a Krusty Komeback Special type of telethon to help him settle his debts. He could call upon all the stars he’s played with over the course of his career: Jimmy Smith, Clinton Portis, maybe he could even fire Sideshow Brett Favre out of a cannon. I got about $30 I could scrounge together to get us started.

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