Myke Bogan – “Skunk Nugs” Video

07.19.13 4 years ago

Myke Bogan Skunk Nugs video

If you’re not drawn in by Myke Bogan rhyming “Skunk Nugs” with dump truck, you’ll inevitably be sold when this sophisticated stoner randomly starts a verse by shouting out South Dakota, despite being from Portland. Sioux Falls, stand up!

Laced with quirky one-liners and probably quite a few other illicit substances, this comatose creation is ideal in situations where you can’t remember what the hell you’re supposed to be doing and simply resort to putting on a song to match your mood. Hell, even if you don’t smoke, you’ll appreciate the honest understanding Bogan seems to have with his music. Plus, the accompanying video provides plenty of eye candy, whether you fancy string-bikini females or dope smoke.

Considering Myke’s song-writing capabilities can clearly create moods, let’s see if he can keep the same quality and still diversify the content enough to keep us awake for all nine tracks of his upcoming Pretty Hesh project, dropping July 23.

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