Jahshua Smith – “Butt”

05.13.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

You might remember us posting a few tracks from JYoung The General. Well, after seeing his fair share of success across the Web, the Blat Pack member has turned a corner with both his music and life, returning to us with a new single and moniker. “Butt” is the first official release from Jahshua Smith – which is the Detroit spitter’s government name – and befittingly carries a grown folk vibe and concept to match.

Slow-dancing over appropriate vocal samples and live bass, Smith speaks on maintaining his gentleman status with a fine dime-piece, who he’d rather just treat like a lady than simply smash and bounce. Some of you might call that a case of Captain Save-A-Ho, but those who do probably indulge in STD cocktails on the weekends and haven’t had a worthwhile relationship in years. So, while you’re busy chasing skanks, Jahsh will be calling dibs on the woman who just slapped you.

Remember folks, growth is always good and this joint from Jahshua Smith is a prime example.

Jahshua Smith – “Butt”

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